Nestled among the picturesque beauty Castelsardo fishermen village and the Ampurias sandy beach, Tir Na nOg traditional villa stands majestically surrounded by mediterranean bushes, junipers and mirto plants, with a local beach just a short two-minute stroll away where its crystal sea welcomes visitors to immerse themselves in its tranquil embrace.
The villa’s elevated location ensures privacy and seclusion, with plenty of bars, restaurants and local markets at walking distance.

Villa TirNanOg

Constructed by the famous Sardinian architect Varalto, with Sardinian granite and local rocks, TirNanOg (the land of eternal youth) is known by locals as one of the most attractive villas in Castelsardo and surrounding areas, offering an air of timeless elegance while blending harmoniously with its natural surroundings.

The town of Castelsardo

Awarded the title of “The most beautiful villages in Italy”. Castelsardo is an enchanting medieval village, located in Northern Sardinia and nestled on a promontory overlooking the center of the Asinara Gulf. Because of its natural beauty and location, Castelsardo has also been stage to many movies including the latest Disney movie The Little Mermaid where Castelsardo was the base for the scenes that showed the majestic castle in the distance thanks to its colonial style.

Lu Bagnu is a small hamlet, only 2 km away from the center of Castelsardo and reachable via a newly built cycle path. The coastal area of ​​Castelsardo is mainly made up of rocks and reefs, except for the “Lu Bagnu” beach, ideal for diving or boat sports enthusiasts. The village has an ancient history as evidenced by the numerous nuraghi built in the surrounding area and the Domus de Janas.

The location

Castelsardo enjoys a unique position because it is a short distance from some of the most beautiful tourist sites of Sardinia. In the immediate surroundings, you can find beautiful beaches such as Ampurias, Lu Bagnu, Baia Ostina. The village, which has been named as one of the most attractive villages in Italy offers plenty to see including Castello dei Doria, Roccia dell’Elefante, Museo dell’Intreccio Mediterraneo, making it. About a 40-minute drive from the village of Stintino and the famous La Pelosa beach. For those arriving by plane in northern Sardinia, it is only 70 km from Alghero Airport and about 100 km from Olbia Airport.

Your hosts

We’re a lively and welcoming family of five. Babbo Antonio comes from Sardinia, while mamma Elena proudly carries Venetian heritage in her veins. Our three children—Anna Sinead, Sofia Niamh, and Alessandro Oisin—were all born in Ireland, the place we’ve called home for the past two decades. We find joy in the company of dear friends, in the exhilarating adventures of travel, in immersing ourselves in diverse cultures, in the invigorating embrace of nature through hiking, and in creating lasting memories together.

Infinity swimming pool

The scene unfolds beautifully during golden hours, as you witness enchanting sea sunsets painting the sky with vibrant colors, casting a mesmerizing glow over the villa and its surroundings. The poolside area, thoughtfully designed, becomes a haven for unwinding, as you find yourself captivated by nature’s stunning display. For dining aficionados, the villa provides the ultimate setting for al fresco experiences with great BBQ facilities, a pizza oven while overlooking the vast expanse of the sea.

Local area and traditions

Castelsardo has a long-standing tradition with craftsmanship in various sectors (fishermen, masons, carpenters, weavers and basketmakers) which can be seen in every corner of the village from old ladies selling their arts and crafts at the steps of their homes to beautiful shops of traditional jewelry and stones.

While the original center of Castelsardo is crowned by the castle of the Dorias dating back to 1102 BC, today the castle is the seat of the lovely Museo dell’Intreccio Mediterraneo (the art of Mediterranean weaving) one of the most visited museums in all of Sardinia.

What Castelsardo has to offer

With a short bike ride along the coast road less than a kilometer away you can reach the picturesque port of Castelsardo where you can rent a boat, organise diving sessions or deep-sea fishing excursions. Just beyond the port, you reach the old part of the village which stands on a promontory with its avenues full of artisans and craft shops forming a spiral that leads to the medieval fortress and Doria castle. Castelsardo is located in a strategic position to visit other gems of Sardinia. Within 20-30 car ride to the east you can reach enchanting places such as the Bay of Mimosas, the Isola Rossa, Costa Paradiso, the natural spa of Casteldoria.

Take advantage of all our amenities and services

Everything you need for an unforgettable and comfortable stay!

Swimming pool

The 50-square meter infinity swimming pool with a trampoline and a high view of the bay guarantees memorable times. Those who love relaxation will be able to take advantage of the armchairs, tables and sun loungers arranged in the porch or floating on the water.

Beachfront view

Ampurias sandy beach is just across the road from the villa. With its fine sandy beach, it reminds of a relatively large cove with crystal clear shallow water suitable for families with children. The villa is west-facing, hence you will enjoy wonderful sunsets in the water or sipping a cocktail in the shade.

The entire villa

You can book the entire villa with a swimming pool maintenance service. With 3 large double bedrooms and a sofa bed in the living room, the villa can comfortably host 8 people. The generous garden around the house will provide the perfect spot for outdoor BBQ or pizza baking using the stone oven provided.

Other features and services

The villa has a flat TV, fast WiFi all around the property, a fully equipped kitchen, all required bed linen and towels, a self-service cellar where you can get good wines and Sardinian products. We have a garage with bikes and paddleboards, we also provide news and local events in the surrounding areas

Virtual tour

Take a virtual ride and see the facilities, beautiful views and amenities.

Traditions & local trips

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About Castelsardo

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Trips and local events

Trips and local events

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