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Like any coastal city, Castelsardo and its surroundings also offer wonderful outdoor activities. In fact, from the port you can leave for some spectacular areas for diving and snorkeling, there will also be the opportunity to do tourism fishing, sport fishing and surfing in certain areas. By land you can go from horseback riding, passing through beautiful bicycle rides and arriving at the magnificent coastal trekking to discover the red rocks (and their particular shapes) and natural pools. The whole area is frighteningly beautiful and interesting both from a landscape and a geological point of view.

One of the closest beaches is Padraladda, which represents the local beach and you will be sure to find some elderly people with deckchairs and umbrellas reading a newspaper at 8 in the morning. In addition to this, there is Lu Bagnu, a cream-colored sand and rocky walls with Mediterranean scrub will be a perfect contour to the blue sea. In the area and a few kilometers away also Cala Ostina and Li Junchi, the beach of Badesi.

These beaches just mentioned are not the only ones, on the contrary, they are the most popular. Below you will see a sequence of remote beaches that can be reached by car or by trekking and which are located near Castelsardo. Don’t forget us travel planners we encourage the discovery of remote and off-the-beaten-track areas, but not only that, we also recommend choosing a beach based on the weather conditions (may or may not be exposed to winds), based on the kind of travelers (perhaps if you are a family I would prefer to recommend a beach with services rather than a remote one that can be reached after 50 minutes of trekking) and at your needs and passions. Choosing our service will be fundamental, before and during your vacation. Enjoy the show.

There are several typical local dishes that we can recommend and one thing is sure, they are all fish-based dishes as Castelsardo is traditionally a fishing village. Not only what to see then but also what to eat in this beautiful village. Started by the queen of the table, the lobster that is served here in the Aragonese style, a very tasty dish in which the crustacean is seasoned with a creamy sauce based on garlic, oil, lemon, parsley, capers and hard-boiled eggs. Another highly prized typical dish is the Sa Cassola di Castelsardo, which is a mixed fish soup from the Gulf of Asinara. A couple of interesting and typical first courses of the area are the squid ink risotto and spaghetti with sea urchins (which can only be found fresh in winter and spring).

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